LearnBC Mission

At LearnBC we bring you the best hands-on training in Blockchain related technologies in an intensive format, including both instruction and actual coding work.

We will give you, the aspiring BC developer, all the tools necessary to professionally tackle blockchain development at its highest levels.

About LearnBC

After years in the blockchain ecosystem, we’ve noticed that many professional and talented developers find it hard to make their first steps in this field. Due to its novelty and unintuitive nature, it might be hard to find proper training materials, and many times, newcomers are left with unanswered questions.

We want to help experienced developers to properly make this transition by exposing them to the things that make blockchain development so different from what they’re used to, but in a controlled environment. We’ve combined our experience and expertise to carefully and purposefully produce a syllabus and teaching aids for the task at hand – helping talented developers gain a robust, meaningful and useful understanding of all they need to start developing for blockchain.

About the course

To become a successful blockchain developer, you must first fully understand the foundations of the technology. This course was carefully constructed to introduce developers to the basic and advanced concepts in blockchain architecture so they can approach blockchain development projects with ease. During the course, we will use bitcoin as our core learning example and break it down to its rudimentary components. We will start by exploring its usage of cryptographic tools, we’ll learn about its peer to peer layer, and finally, we’ll combine both to construct bitcoin transactions and blocks. With this fundamental understanding of blockchain at hand, we’ll expand into more advanced topics such as lightning network, sidechains and second layer solutions. etc. You will gain valuable hands-on experience in the blockchain and the bitcoin ecosystems on which you will continue to build in future blockchain projects.

The Instructor - Shlomi Zeltsinger

Shlomi started coding for bitcoin and ethereum in 2014. Since, he has been teaching classes on blockchain for developers in Brazil, the USA, and Israel and consulting for companies and startups on how to work with and implement bitcoin and ethereum related technologies.

Course timetable and topics

Week 1





Week 2





  • Extra three hours for free exercises, Q&A and personal projects at each weekend

Why this course?

If you are here, you have probably already heard about blockchains. It’s what everyone is talking about, and rightfully so. Blockchain technologies enable us to reenvision many legacy financial and social construct. When you learn how blockchain technology works, you will not only add another technology to your resume, but you will also gain a deep understanding of some of the most exciting new technologies of the 21st century. The knowledge that you will gain in this course through working on blockchain projects will be valuable in both your current and future technology career.

See for yourself the high demand for blockchain developers.


As the title suggests, this course is intended for developers. You will create your own code and explore the fundamental CS concepts that are the building blocks of blockchain technology. To get the most out of this course, you should have at least one year of experience in programming – it doesn’t matter in which language. It’s worth noting that we’ll be using mostly python (3.5+) and JavaScript. Lastly, being familiar with the following concepts will help you excel in the course: Assembly, web development, and networking.

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